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Gender Issues

Anonymous Relationships

When one of you two say, “Sorry, I don’t feel about you the same as you do about me”…the relationship is over. Now, it would be unwise to still cling to the  relationship, because when one says it, he means it after a serious thought and conscious decision. The beauty …

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Grow Up Ladies!

Why have you closed the doors of life on you? Just because you are married or have kids? Do you think this is the end of the world? And, now you will have to live in the prison without any right to your individual self? No, it’s unfair!!!Look at your …

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Working Moms!

These days, with the active participation of girls in the university education, most of the girls want to pursue their careers, but at the same time they want to have a family as well. Right after their marriages, they plan babies because of the family pressures without any career or …

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What Does A Woman Want From Her Husband?

What does a woman want from her husband? You may get some material online, but we want to get some insight about it in Pakistani culture. It is an interesting question which can have many answers depending upon the types of couples, but generally some ‘wants’ are common in most …

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Worthless Housewives…Part 2

Recently, the issue of intellectual chemistry stung another couple and they got divorced. When I met the wife, I came across another aspect of the matter which was communicated to me by some other ladies as well. Today, I would like to share it as well. When I peeked into …

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