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Gender Issues

Who is my Valentine?

When it comes to love, relationship and Valentine’s Day, smiles touch our lips automatically, our faces glow with delight and some blush with emotions. A Valentine’s gift vitalizes you and fills you up with confidence and peace. You feel yourself fulfilled and fortunate enough to have love in your life. …

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Why Gender Gap?

I am recently introduced by the term, Gender Gap, through The Global Gender Gap Report 2012 conducted by WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, which means the gap between the two genders in terms of rights and opportunities of life. Unfortunately, in this sense Pakistan comes at 134th number out of 135 countries, …

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Amanda Todd: A Cyber Victim

The heart wrenching episode of 15 year old Canadian, Amanda Todd, is absolutely eye-opening. Unfortunately, Amanda had to suicide after becoming a victim of cyber bullying, where a criminal bullied and harassed her sexually. She got all the family support, counselling and medication to fight it all, but she had …

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Voice Gender

I looked at my watch and took long steps to be on time for my meeting with the librarian. “I have to take lunch and offer my prayer before my class…” I calculated my time for both things and pushed the glass door of the library. His glass cabin was …

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Youth In Relationships

A new trend is introduced in our society for a couple of years and getting acceptable by our youth. It is RELATIONSHIPS…And, mostly, both the genders end up blaming each other…The girls complain that boys just play with them and then dump them, whereas boys say that girls are responsible …

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