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Gender Issues

Moms, Respect Yourself!

I don’t know if Pakistani moms have any self-respect. I have been in to preschool teaching for a couple of years and every year almost all the moms bring their kids (who are already my students) to me saying, “Please, teach my child to listen to me. I try to …

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Starting Again from Zero

I came across some Pakistani mid-aged ladies, both in Pakistan and abroad, who have been going through abusive marriages despite all their loyalty and commitment to their families. The reason was they were unable to get out of their hurting marriages because they were financially dependent on their husbands. In …

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Midlife Rational Love

In fact, in Pakistani society, we spend our younger years conforming to our family and social values, traditions and norms. We get educated, hired, get married and have kids. Until that time we are too much inexperienced and naive about life, people and even about ourselves. Life revolves around family, …

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I am There for You!

Recently, as a result of my personal scouting I came to know that majority of our youngsters wanted to get married due to physical needs. Since the participants of the survey were MBA final year students, so the result could make sense. But when the adults and the overall nature …

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Unsaid Dilemma of Pakistani Men

We have a weird society, where we don’t prepare man and woman for a happy and healthy family life. It is lack of education, proper training, their interaction, social values, marriage system, research on social issues or whatever, most of our marriages end up at midlife crisis at middle age. …

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