How Can A Middle-Aged Woman Build Her Career First Time In Pakistan

At your midlife, if you are coming right from your home without any work experience and relevant education, it is real hard to get a job in Pakistan. These days, employers want to give jobs and on-hand training to youngsters,… Continue Reading


When will the role of a Housewife be Acknowledged in Pakistan?

Pakistani housewives, Pakistani home-makers, Pakistani stay-at-home moms, Pakistani wives

Husbands who attend to their professions with all peace of mind and children grow in a carefree manner because they have their wives and moms respectively to take good care of their homes and everyday life matters. Today, house wives… Continue Reading


Pakistani Midlife Women: Secret of Looking Young Again

Turning 40: A New Beginning We just don’t care much about what we eat and how many long hours we spend working till 40. We take care of everything and everyone, but ourselves. However, turning 40 is something alarming-perhaps, a… Continue Reading


Pakistani Midlife Women: Simple Steps Towards HEALTH & BEAUTY

I got up in the morning and saw myself in the bathroom mirror. “Oh, really? How tensed and rough my face is looking. Maybe because I could not get a good sleep last night.” I analyzed. “Or, perhaps, it is… Continue Reading