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Creative Writing

It’s Time to be a Great Pakistani Writer

“…Moreover, I am into Writing. And, want to pursue it as my career,” I replied the interview question of the Principal of the school, where my son was about to be admitted. “You mean hand writing or creative writing?” She inquired. “Of course, creative writing,” I blurted out, astonished by …

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Inter-connected Life

Teacher: Are you interested in Creative Writing Workshop? Student: 50% Yes, Sir. Teacher: 50%? Why? Student: Actually Sir, I think I can write a short story, but I can’t be good at other two parts of the workshop, poetry and screen play. Teacher: Ohhh…don’t worry! You know these genres are …

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At the End of the Tunnel

You are a passionate writer and writing is your life. It’s your catharsis, your way of giving back, your voice to educate, your business and/or whatever, you can’t stop writing. But what, when you find yourself lost in a closed street with no ideas to write in mind, no creativity, …

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Launch of ASG Book Club

As part of restoring heritage and culture program, the book lovers of THE ASIAN STUDY GROUP, LAHORE (ASG) urged for a Book Club to cherish studying, analyzing and finally creating literature on their own. On Feb 7, a romantic evening dawned upon Gymkhana country club with all its sophistication and gathered …

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