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Why Students Copy & Paste in Pakistan

I resumed my university education again in 2008 and thus came across some burning issues of the students of today. I still remember how teachers used to condemn ‘copy paste’ assignments and leave no loop holes for students to come up with plagiarized work. Still, some students didn’t resist copy …

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5 Ways to Get Highly Paid Copywriting Work in Pakistan


Employers don’t have a faintest idea about how much amount of hard work goes into writing an article, blog, website content or social media material: lots of research, analysis, creative thinking, following SEO guidelines and applying customization. Does it deserve less than PKRS 100/500 words? I get horrified to see …

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How Come Web Writers Deserve Peanuts?


I got horrified to receive an email through a LinkedIn group which I joined recently. The reason of my horror was what they offered- Web Writing Work for peanuts- Rs. 30 for 500word articles- Oh my God! I was absolutely speechless. How dare they think like this? Weren’t they interested …

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In Pursuit of Writing Endeavors in Pakistan

  Unfortunately, there is not a single program in Pakistan on Creative Writing. We, in our student lives, mistakenly, used to assume that MA English offered English language, literature and Creative Writing skills. With the same attitude, I joined MSc Applied English linguistics, which appeared to be something very different, …

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