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Utilizing The Poor Talented Teens And Adults

In Pakistan we have no scarcity of poor people. Apparently, they are poor because they don’t have enough finances to live comfortably and have fewer opportunities to work and grow. But I don’t agree with the other part of the story. Of course, we cannot turn the poor into rich …

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Brands: Satisfaction or Inspiration

“I couldn’t buy any suit from the entire market but one. There was nothing of my choice.” She announced. “Did you check with Bareeze and Arooshi”? I inquired hopefully. “You know, I never like their stuff, rather I am surprised why people buy from them. For a long time, they …

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Online Imran Khan Imprinted T-Shirts

Imran Khan has now been a hero of three generations in Pakistan. So, business companies thought of taking the opportunity to produce and supply Imran Khan imprinted T-shirts for youngsters. Even, online business got a lot of boom due to the idea, especially when youth are a vital part of …

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Try anything but a Psychiatrist

I entered home after a full day at my job and found him lying on the bed under a sheet covering him from head to toe. “Aerie!” I called his name, but there was no reply except a silence. I bent down and slowly removed the sheet from his face. …

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Western Education at your lap

  Western Education is a far-fetched dream for the inhabitants of developing countries like Pakistan. Specially, the middle class hesitate to harbor such goals out of practicality. I believe impossibility or too-hard-to-do was the reasons behind the birth of theories like Creative Visualization. Sometimes, arrangements of huge funds required for …

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