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UMT Job Fair 2012

Being Ilmian alumni I am fortunate to view the University of Management and Technology (UMT) expanding and flourishing like a Mexican wave gaining momentum. In fact, UMT has brought an educational revolution through its conceptional and skill-oriented learning where every year is a mile stone in the journey

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Whenever I pass through Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore, I can’t miss spotting Readings (so aptly named and aesthetically laid out bookstore). And, most of the times, I can’t resist stopping by, especially if I am accompanied by my mom and or my teenage girl. It’s always the happiest feast to spend

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Shashin Studio

Shashin Studio is a complete solution to all kinds of creative ventures. It’s a co-production of three passionate youngsters, Muhammad Abdullah Khalid, Ali Awais and Usman Ashrafi, doing their MBA’s and engineering respectively. The thing that distinguishes them from others is their faith in their talents and

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LISCA: School for Normal Kids With Learning Disabilities

A mother told me, “I remember when first my only son went to his kindergarten, and after a couple of days his teacher called me and asked whether my son was hard of hearing. I forcefully said No and got shocked how did she dare to blurt

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Women Business Incubation Centre (WBIC)

No matter who you are, it’s time to see your business dreams come into a real flourishing business. Whether you are a housewife and bake amazing cakes and make mouth-watering desserts for the parties of your loved ones, or a stay-at-home mom and known for the best

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Teachers for Learning Disabilities

When I look a few years back when I first appointed as a class teacher of grade 1 at a top ranking school brand, some flash backs pop up in my mind. A six years old girl, right in the middle of the Science lesson, left her

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