Co-curricular Activities: Key to Success

Success needs individuals, who are all-rounders; who have well rounded personalities. Mere academics generate incomplete personalities for limited success, i.e. professional success, which is only one aspect of life. Whereas life is comprised of various aspects, as personal success, social success, professional success, etc. To a large extent, personal and social successes come with co-curricular activities. So, a combination of […]

All that Glitters is Gold!

First time, when I had to drop the option of a good ‘can-be bride’ for my brother just because the girl was a little too fatty, I felt gloomy though helpless. Then I realized that at times a little bit of glitters can transform someone into real Gold. I went through this experience when I, being the eldest sister, had […]

Marriage: Some Pre-requisites!

As a result of an interesting study, most of our new generation, who has reached to the age/stage of getting married, does not have a common concept of marriage and why to get married. During my interviews, boys took it as a physical need/relationship, whereas girls considered it as a social/love-relationship and like-minded companionship. It shows different expectations from marriage […]

PARENTING: Educating Preschoolers

·         Education means mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development. ·         Objective thinking ensures intellectual and emotional growth. ·         Informal ways of learning are available and important, too. ·         Regular study habits should be developed. ·         Religious education should be practical and moderate, and, given by parents. Teaching at preschool at a top school system is an amazing experience. Lovely, cute […]

PARENTING: Politeness for Preschool

·         Politeness includes refined language and caring behavior. ·         Politeness means knowing and accommodating others. ·         Kids need proper training for politeness. ·         Etiquettes are part of politeness. At a reputable school, no one can tell you the importance of good schooling better than a preschool teacher. We, teachers, appreciate the efforts on the part of parents that they make […]