First Swim

Sometimes, we have to handle ourselves as we take care of our kids…Otherwise, we can’t get out of our demons and ifs and buts…Do we listen to our child who cries for not attending his first preschool? No, we just dress him, console him a bit, but finally leave him into his classroom to get used to it. And, finally, […]


I call you again doubting your response And email and sms you, risking my pride Because I feel the chemistry, though not you Certainly with your eagle-like eyes, you can foresee More than I can Every time I say, “No, no more calling…” And, I tell my heart not to think about you And get myself busy with some novel […]

Why Gender Gap?

I am recently introduced by the term, Gender Gap, through The Global Gender Gap Report 2012 conducted by WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, which means the gap between the two genders in terms of rights and opportunities of life. Unfortunately, in this sense Pakistan comes at 134th number out of 135 countries, which is very heart breaking but at the same time […]

Amanda Todd: A Cyber Victim

The heart wrenching episode of 15 year old Canadian, Amanda Todd, is absolutely eye-opening. Unfortunately, Amanda had to suicide after becoming a victim of cyber bullying, where a criminal bullied and harassed her sexually. She got all the family support, counselling and medication to fight it all, but she had to face the internet bullying again and again, until finally […]

My Mom and I Mom

“Our mothers emphasized on training and we prioritized education of our kids. This is the main difference I feel when I looked at my teenage children”, said a dear friend of mine and the mom of my son’s friend. “Absolutely right,” My mind and heart both got agreed to it. I remembered when my kids were toddlers I began to […]