HI, I am a Digital Writer, Trainer for Corporate Writing and Success Coach

 I am a Certified Success Coach. I conduct coaching se
ssions for individuals to solve their problems regarding their personal development, family, relationships, career and society.


 My love for serving the society and working as a change agent finally directed me towards pursuing a Certification in Success Coaching by a Business Management Consultancy, Possibilities, that represented Marshall Goldsmith in Pakistan, who is the top ranking Leadership Coach in the world. So far, I coached CEOs, Managers, Professionals, Parents, Students, Housewives and teenagers successfully. I felt great to empower them to unleash their utmost potential in pursuing anything they dreamt for, or transforming them into a better person or professional.

Clarifying confusions from minds so that they can identify their actual goals and directions, and empowering them with strategic action planning and follow-up sessions to overcome a weakness, inculcate a strength, learn a skill, pursue a goal and develop a strategic action plan have been a win-win situation. I catered issues as Relationships, Work-Life Balance, Self-actualization, Professional growth, Workplace Communication, Personal Development, Career Choice, Parenting and Decision making.



I started working as preschool teacher at Lahore Grammar School in 2005. Alongside, upgrading my professional education from an associate degree in Economics & Statistics to MS Public Relations & Advertising has been a rewarding journey


I ended up in switching over my 12 year career in preschool teaching to teaching at University of the Punjab, Lahore, in 2013. There, I introduced a new discipline as Academic & Business Writing Training. Simultaneously, I entered into the corporate world as a Corporate Writing Trainer through taking CEOs, Managers & Professionals as my trainees