The Crossroad of choices

kausarbilal creativewritier

I travel into an unknown territory

lured by my admission in MPhil Mass Communication

I imagine looking at the world with new lenses

standing at a mountain top

expecting more colors, waterfalls and mountain spell

But still it is a fairytale, a blind turn and a sky, far away


The gravity of my earth won’t let me go

as, I haven’t explored yet

the treasures already buried around me

And, haven’t smelled the fragrance of my roses

in the form of opportunities

of business ventures, Creative writing and Literature Studies,

leaving for another destination

But what if I am happier here

without touching the unknown sky?

Kausar Bilal

I am a Trainer for Professional Writing. I conduct Writing workshops for Business Executives, Young Professionals, Academic Writers, College/University Students, Journalists, Advertisers, Corporate Content Writers and Nonfiction Writing Lovers. As a Corporate Writer and Social Change Agent, you may find my voice in diverse areas on this site. Your feedback and comments are most welcomed.


    • Well said, Saima. Liked your comment.
      Actually, confusions and conflicts are part of our transitionary periods. It’s always better to take assured and measured steps. Isn’t it? Once you find something where you find yourself sef-sufficient and at home, that is the right place.:)
      Thanks for your wise words.

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