A Letter from the Center for Professional Writing Training, Lahore.

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Center for Writing Training of Business Executives, Journalists, Students and Advertisers

Hey Youngster! I envy you because you know you have minds and you believe you have rights to use your minds. You know you can think. You are confident about your opinions, no matter how unconventional your ideas are. You don’t hesitate to question even the most popular or oldest traditions, norms and values of society. You are adamant to reform all of them according to your rationale and perspective. You like innovative solutions to all the issues because your thinking is boundless. This is the difference between your generation and my generation.

This freedom of thought is a gift that is given to you with the collaboration of your parents and educational institutes. And, this is you who made us proud as parents and educational bodies. Our sense of achievement touches the skies because we know we gifted you a life that we could never have had despite all our talented minds and similar human rights as yours.

But when it comes to expressing yourself in writing, I find you fumbling and trembling. You look around as you have landed in a foreign land. You were never taught writing at any school, college or university level. The clever academic content writers exploited your weakness and offered their services in exchange of high fees. But you paid for it because you believed you were not good enough. It robbed you off from the opportunity of making most of your college and university education, and, turning you into a confident and competent professional.

So, now even when you are a PhD graduate, you don’t feel confident to compose a single paragraph on your own. It is so because you don’t know that writing is a technique that has to be learnt professionally like any other professional skills. Consequently, you foresee hurdles in performing at your work place because you are not confident enough about your business writing skills that you need anyway.

I know all that because fortunately I got unconventional opportunities to learn writing professionally from the internationally qualified writing mentors and leading universities of the world. Therefore, I came over to help you out by sharing what I am blessed with.

I offer you my unique services, the Professional Writing Training! I charge as less as possible to teach you writing skills, no matter you are  a professional, business executive, entrepreneur, college/university student, or an advertiser. Once you spend only 8 weeks on learning the skill, you will be an independent thinker, confident communicator and an influential professional. Therefore, don’t hesitate to spend time and money for a lifetime skill that is the key to exceptional work opportunities and success.


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