7 Reasons Why Talented People Don’t Find The Right Opportunities

downloadThese days, many talented people are frustrated over not getting work opportunities that not only match their actual passions and skills, and, help them grow immensely but also allow them earn handsome amounts of money. They have all the relevant education, exceptional work experiences and unmatched skills, still they can’t access what exactly they deserve.

Similarly, there are people who know about their hidden abilities and gifts and want just an opening, a real opportunity to prove themselves. You find many of these individuals requesting others to find them, take them or refer them to a dream internship, volunteer work project or an entry level job that not only provide them with basic level experience but also lead them towards better opportunities.

There are folks who have unconventional skills like making decoration pieces out of plants, an outstanding dessert, a foreign language, etc. but they don’t know how to market themselves. They wish, dream and talk about it but don’t find any opening.

There are some reasons:

Lack of Business Education & Awareness

This is the basic factor. People wish and dream but they don’t have any know-how how to introduce their product, skill or service. They don’t know how and where to find an opportunity to take a take-off. They don’t know they will have to plan a strategy to target right work places for them. For example, a lady with beauty care skill can tap students of colleges or universities, a person with exceptional foreign skills can approach language centers, embassies for translator, travel agencies or so.

We should lay the foundations of our business on our business education and awareness. I understand that everyone can’t do an MBA. But we can look for small business certifications that are available through free online course, like Fundamentals of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc. courser.org, edX.org, alison.com, canvas.net, open2study.com are best places to get yourself equipped with the desired business information, guidelines and skills.

Lack of Reference

In Pakistan, reference plays a vital role in getting a job. Many times, they don’t have a relevant reference. In the case, they have two options: either they should find a reference or go for volunteer work to get a reference.

Lack of Money

Many times, these people want to start out their own venture, but they don’t have money to invest. They should look for other possibilities. For example, they may join a venture that is funded by others where they contribute by providing their services or expertise. For that, they will have to get a job initially with a similar service company. For instance, if one wants to open up a Turkish Restaurant and don’t have capital for it, should first work with a local restaurant to learn and prove him. There, he will have chances to network with the right people that lead him to opportunities closer to his dream work.

Lack of Courage

Some people are shy to take small steps towards his actual dreams. They don’t dare to apply or look for desired openings, access the right references, think creatively to take unconventional routes to materialize their passions.

Lack of Social Skills

Some people are exceptionally good at their work but don’t develop their interpersonal or social skills to build new connections and get networked with the right people. They leave behind despite all the high quality professionalism in their area. Thus, many other people who are not as competent as they are supersede because of their social skills.

Lack of Patience and Persistence

There are people who are impatient to see the fruit of their hard work. They don’t know businesses take time to be introduced and to get popular. They have to stay in the market despite not making enough money in the beginning. With time he may make bigger clientele. They should not expect much reward at least for two years.

Lack of Ongoing Analysis

Simultaneously, they must keep analyzing each and every dimension of their business through their clients’ feedback to their company and via how clients speak about it when they interact with each other. This ongoing analysis will guide them all the way through how to make their business more useful and attractive for their customers. Thus, they will get a direction to see their dreams come true.

  1. Hi Kausar
    Very wonderful post with quite genuine reasons why talented people don’t make headway and pine in obscurity. This is not the problem of a specific region or country this is a global problem.
    Average talented people do get their pie but above average people face lot of problem while adjusting with the below average society where herd instinct is the best course of action in every venture.
    I found this post at a Facebook group and much impressed by visiting your blog and reading its contents. You are doing a great job.

  2. Thanks a lot Mi Muba for stopping by and contributing to this post. Yeah, I agree with you. ‘Why exceptional people don’t get the opportunities they actually deserve’ need extensive research and there should be a system to utilize these people fully rather than letting them waste their energies at the places where no one knows how to get the best out of them.

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