Monthly archive for August 2015

How Can A Middle-Aged Woman Build Her Career First Time In Pakistan

At your midlife, if you are coming right from your home without any work experience and relevant education, it is real hard to get a job in Pakistan. These days, employers want to give jobs and on-hand training to youngsters, who are comparatively quick learners and fast

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14th August-Youth of Pakistan Demands Entertainment!

Many Pakistanis don’t know they are going to Celebrate 14th August today. They are too busy mourning over their endless problems that come along poverty. Middle class and above are celebrating the day with heavy hearts, grieving quietly over the non-access of full time electricity, water and

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Why Only Imran Khan? Let’s decide on merit this time!

It was the end of semester and my hopes were rising. I was very sure of my methodical teaching and on hand training of students. So, I was expecting better work assignments from my undergraduates. But when their work went through my hands, I was shocked. They

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