Inter-connected Life

Teacher: Are you interested in Creative Writing Workshop? Student: 50% Yes, Sir. Teacher: 50%? Why? Student: Actually Sir, I think I can write a short story, but I can’t be good at other two parts of the workshop, poetry and screen play. Teacher: Ohhh…don’t worry! You know these genres are inter-related. Join the workshop and experience it in real.

There is a world online

As an outsider, I never considered online education for my professional studies as I used to think that the absence of real life student-student and student-teacher interaction won’t let us learn anything in real sense. Then, someone told me about, where leading universities of the world offer 300 hundred undergraduate level online courses for free. Since we don’t have […]

Moms, Respect Yourself!

I don’t know if Pakistani moms have any self-respect. I have been in to preschool teaching for a couple of years and every year almost all the moms bring their kids (who are already my students) to me saying, “Please, teach my child to listen to me. I try to discipline him but he doesn’t listen to me at all.” Every time […]