Lahore Travel Expo Lacked Vision

On April, 20, 2013, I received a phone call from a friend, “Did you see the ad of Travel Expo being held at Expo Centre?” She inquired. “No.” I said, feeling curious. “The ad in daily Jung says it is organized by Pakistani government and about 60 travel companies comprise the Travel Expo. It must be a very interesting and […]

Starting Again from Zero

I came across some Pakistani mid-aged ladies, both in Pakistan and abroad, who have been going through abusive marriages despite all their loyalty and commitment to their families. The reason was they were unable to get out of their hurting marriages because they were financially dependent on their husbands. In case of separation, they were not able to take care […]

Who is a Foodie anyway?

Food is my twin, born with me, with almost a gap of a few seconds. My toddler memories saved in my mom’s camera always show some glimpses where my mom used to force me to eat through her watching movies, storytelling or hide-seek game techniques. By the time of my preschool, the colorful food in my lunch box or baby […]

Ilmians Meet Up at Shaam-e-Ghazal

On April, 6, 2013, Pearl Continental Hotel, Kohinoor Hall, was looking forward to 500 Ilmians for the Annual Ilmian Dinner & Shaam-e-Ghazal. Clad in smart casual attire, UMT invitees started to approach the hall by 6:30 pm and they were glad to meet their old class mates and friends. Their faces were vibrant with friendly warmth and endless smiles. By […]