Reach Out

I have been working on various kinds of assignments during my corporate writing career   and came across some interesting experiences. An interesting aspect of commercial blogging is its emotional aspect. Usually, putting all physical reasons aside, people feel motivated to buy something due to is emotional reasons as well. And, sometimes, it is more important than the physical or […]

Never Test the Angels

My eyes were flooded with tears when I came to know that I could never meet any human being. And, this had been so because I always came across angels. Sometimes, they were my family, sometimes they were my friends and acquaintances and sometimes they were colleagues and professionals. After the ups and downs of years, one day I realized […]

Who is my Valentine?

When it comes to love, relationship and Valentine’s Day, smiles touch our lips automatically, our faces glow with delight and some blush with emotions. A Valentine’s gift vitalizes you and fills you up with confidence and peace. You feel yourself fulfilled and fortunate enough to have love in your life. Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love, beauty, happiness and […]