Divine Plan

I looked up to my big dreams Standing at the labyrinth of opportunities inaccessible. Alone, I looked around. Then, a divine road map was unfolded in front of me Guiding, which way to go? Step by step Like pieces of a puzzle fell into their places one by one To shape up a picture So, A study plan following another […]

Companionship of Work

Morning till evening Switching from reading, writing, teaching To my treadmill or my kids I turn the pages of my pocket size dairy Or receive reminders on my cell To recall the details of Of every venture to come Mornings at workplace Afternoons at university And evenings at home Bring their own tasks And, I am delighted To see my […]

I Am A Fiction Writer…

There are characters everywhere around me All the time ready to play In my stories like my Grandpa, my friend Eesha or my boss Mrs. Ali I can imagine my grandpa saying: “Wow! You stood first in your class! What will you do With so many marks?” Grandpa laughed, hugging his grand-daughter tightly “Oooops! Kausar, I couldn’t take your call yesterday! […]

Silence & Writing

Silence and writing are like lanterns lightening the darkness inside me I need silence not to listen to others but myself But when the tides are not even in my life I look for making some time  to be with silence to sort out what is vague, weird or complex to me Finally, it is silence that distils and clarifies my […]