Imran-Reham Episode Has Been A Turning Point In Our Political Awareness


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Imran Demonstrated Courage to Leave the Relationship that Hinders His Life Mission!

“Oh…Imran Khan has finally got married,” raised mixed voices of excitement, happiness, envy, jealousy and insecurity.

“It is good that he has started his family life once again.” We will vote PTI.

“Imran Khan shouldn’t have changed his bachelor’s status.” We are too disappointed to vote PTI.

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Syed Ommer Amer-The Terribly Young Enterpreneur Who Rolled Up his Sleeves to Revamp the Writing Industry of Pakistan

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Ommer – Revamping the Writing Industry of Pakistan!

Your back ground and a brief biography?

I am the third generation in my family who is actively involved in improving education system of Pakistan. I first got my hands on a computer when I was in 6th Grade and I was introduced to the world of internet when I was about to step in university, till then I had only books to entertain myself; this explains how I got into literature. Continue reading

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How Can A Middle-Aged Woman Build Her Career First Time In Pakistan

images (9)At your midlife, if you are coming right from your home without any work experience and relevant education, it is real hard to get a job in Pakistan. These days, employers want to give jobs and on-hand training to youngsters, who are comparatively quick learners and fast performers, who can work for longer terms, and, who don’t mind to work for lesser salaries. In the scenario, if a middle-aged woman wants to pursue a job out of her ambition or life crisis, she should not take it so easy. She has to take some smart steps first.

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14th August-Youth of Pakistan Demands Entertainment!

download (1)Many Pakistanis don’t know they are going to Celebrate 14th August today. They are too busy mourning over their endless problems that come along poverty. Middle class and above are celebrating the day with heavy hearts, grieving quietly over the non-access of full time electricity, water and gas. Some are questioning what is there to celebrate for on the Independence Day when we don’t have hopes for a New Pakistan (with political stability and economic prosperity) in the near future? Some poor stall-owners take full benefit of the occasion through selling decorative items, flags, accessories and dresses matching the themes of 14th August. Continue reading

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Why Only Imran Khan? Let’s decide on merit this time!

wallpaper-Imran-Khan-1It was the end of semester and my hopes were rising. I was very sure of my methodical teaching and on hand training of students. So, I was expecting better work assignments from my undergraduates. But when their work went through my hands, I was shocked. They were not able to even think straight, let alone evaluating the things. I gave them margins for their grammar at this earlier stage, but was unable to ignore their composition of ideas and their writing technique. I was wondering why the irregular and un-systemized thinking patterns didn’t change despite dramatic changes in Pakistani society. I had no answers except that educational quality hadn’t improved at our government schools. Continue reading

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