Why Students Copy & Paste in Pakistan


Why to spend mind on hiding Copy-Paste assignments rather than learning something concrete by producing genuine work? But the Question is how to present original work when…

I resumed my university education again in 2008 and thus came across some burning issues of the students of today. I still remember how teachers used to condemn ‘copy paste’ assignments and leave no loop holes for students to come up with plagiarized work. Still, some students didn’t resist copy paste materials. Since then, my mind had always been buzzing with a question, WHY?

Gradually, with experience, I came to some conclusions based on my observations.

Students Shy of Hard Work

In the beginning I used to think that students, who stayed on campus full time while chatting, playing, dinning, dating and being busy with all sorts of activities, didn’t want to spend time with studies. Later, I learnt I was right to some extent; it was one of the reasons, but not the major cause. Continue reading

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5 Ways to Get Highly Paid Copywriting Work in Pakistan


Copywriting doesn’t deserve peanuts!

Employers don’t have a faintest idea about how much amount of hard work goes into writing an article, blog, website content or social media material: lots of research, analysis, creative thinking, following SEO guidelines and applying customization. Does it deserve less than PKRS 100/500 words? I get horrified to see the copywriting rates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The most disgusting thing is content writers are selling themselves willingly for nothing without any shame or self-respect. If they are sick of unemployment, they should realize how much they earn while writing content for hours-just peanuts!

On the part of employers, it’s simply and openly an exploitation of writers. They get projects from around the world in thousands of dollars but they are willing to pay not even a 10%. I believe content writers are responsible for this financial abuse. Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Talented People Don’t Find The Right Opportunities?

downloadThese days, many talented people are frustrated over not getting work opportunities that not only match their actual passions and skills, and, help them grow immensely but also allow them earn handsome amounts of money. They have all the relevant education, exceptional work experiences and unmatched skills, still they can’t access what exactly they deserve.

Similarly, there are people who know about their hidden abilities and gifts and want just an opening, a real opportunity to prove themselves. You find many of these individuals requesting others to find them, take them or refer them to a dream internship, volunteer work project or an entry level job that not only provide them with basic level experience but also lead them towards better opportunities.

There are folks who have unconventional skills like making decoration pieces out of plants, an outstanding dessert, a foreign language, etc. but they don’t know how to market themselves. They wish, dream and talk about it but don’t find any opening. Continue reading

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The Unique Voice:Rubina Shakeel- Opting for a Dramatic Life

download (1)

Rubina Shakeel at Aabroo Jhuggi (Gypsy) Schools

I am delighted to interview Rubina Shakeel…A visionary person and an amazing woman. With her unique perspective, she opted for something dramatic. She decided to teach the underprivileged how to live an independent and honorable life. She chose slum area children, beggars’ kids, young laborers for her love and care. She gathered them under her car porch for a few-hours’ school. Gradually, she turned it into Abroo Educational Welfare Organization in 2002, where she linked conventional school education, vocational training and part time work together. Let’s meet the passionate and inspirational lady who dreamt to bring change for the drowning lives. Continue reading

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AEWO: One in a Million Schools

Created with Nokia Camera

Classes are being held in verandas

I used to see innocent faces of slum area kids; black with sun, sunk in bellies of skeletons because of hunger, dim eyes showing no awareness of being alive, and, half-dressed, no matter it is winter or summer. Sometimes, I saw them in streets, begging. Sometimes, they are seen working in motor workshops, general stores, tailoring shops, construction points, and even in the sports clubs, looking lifeless and defeated. Gypsy tents are full of this flock. I was shocked to know many of these kids wanted to go to school, just to see what happened there. They wanted to experience and enjoy the school activities without any awareness or aim to attain a certain educational level.

Every time, I thought of probability of a miracle or coming of an angel who would drag them out of this misery with a mighty hand and promise them a promising and honorable life- decades melted in wishing and dreaming so- then, I came across Aabroo school, a social welfare organizaion. Initially, it was the center of social work of my boys’ school. After this first introduction, I came to know about more details of this educational welfare project. My curiosity aroused and finally I decided to visit the place. Continue reading

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