A Letter from the Center for Professional Writing Training, Lahore.

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Center for Writing Training of Business Executives, Journalists, Students and Advertisers

Hey Youngster! I envy you because you know you have minds and you believe you have rights to use your minds. You know you can think. You are confident about your opinions, no matter how unconventional your ideas are. You don’t hesitate to question even the most popular or oldest traditions, norms and values of society. You are adamant to reform all of them according to your rationale and perspective. You like innovative solutions to all the issues because your thinking is boundless. This is the difference between your generation and my generation. Continue reading

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Why People Switch Over Jobs Again & Again

jobsA couple of years ago, I shared my diverse interests with a friend while saying, “I still don’t know what I will become when I grow up.” He advised, “Be practical. Go experience your passions to figure out what exactly you want to do with your life.” And, I took the advice.

I moved from Creative Writing to Corporate Writing, South Asian Literature to American Literature, Online Studies to On Campus studies, and Preschool Teaching to Entrepreneurship.

I spent three years experimenting and struggling to find something to stick to, taking it as my full time and permanent career. I ended up regretting not having spent those years on my further education. I was very confused and disappointed by myself. I agonized over losing interest in different fields so quickly. “Will I ever get settled with something?” I used to worry often. Continue reading

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Furore Collection: Most Economical Designer Wear within Your Wallet

Furore Collection cover photo10511141_592296807555945_4442093689096226090_nA great news broke out via Furore Collection that access to designer wear is no more a dream for middle class. Now you may order for any designers outfit and get it prepared in less than 50% price. The philosophy behind the innovative service is that women party wears in Pakistan cannot be used more than a couple of times because we have a social trend that ladies need to have a new dress (jora) for every new gathering, no matter it is a family function, social gathering or a professional event. So, in the situation where ladies clothes are never enough in number, it is unwise to spend a lot of money for each and every jora. Continue reading

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Pakistan Independence Day May Not Bring Great News This Time

2lllh6gHappy Independence Day to all Pakistanis!

This time, 14 th August came in with the ambitions of building a New Pakistan through Azadi March and Inqilab March. Though Imran and Qadri are two different schools of thought but they have a common ground; both want to topple out the corrupt political and economic system of the country. Despite their differences, Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri finally came up to support each other on common grounds regarding Independence Day marches. Continue reading

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Why Students Copy & Paste in Pakistan


Why to spend mind on hiding Copy-Paste assignments rather than learning something concrete by producing genuine work? But the Question is how to present original work when…

I resumed my university education again in 2008 and thus came across some burning issues of the students of today. I still remember how teachers used to condemn ‘copy paste’ assignments and leave no loop holes for students to come up with plagiarized work. Still, some students didn’t resist copy paste materials. Since then, my mind had always been buzzing with a question, WHY?

Gradually, with experience, I came to some conclusions based on my observations.

Students Shy of Hard Work

In the beginning I used to think that students, who stayed on campus full time while chatting, playing, dinning, dating and being busy with all sorts of activities, didn’t want to spend time with studies. Later, I learnt I was right to some extent; it was one of the reasons, but not the major cause. Continue reading

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