Being True to Yourself Needs a Positive Attitude


Being yourself doesn’t mean don’t care.
So, be Open, Honest but Polite.

What we want to do in life depends upon who we actually are. So, knowing ourselves is very crucial. Unfortunately, in Pakistani society, we are not allowed to think out of the box. We are norm-bound society. Log kia kahain gey (What people will think of us?) is still a huge fear that stops us in knowing, accepting and expressing ourselves truthfully. We spend almost more than half of our lives conforming to the family and society, which ends up in opting for wrong career choices, dragging with incompatible life partners, unhappily or unfaithfully, midlife crisis, or so on.

Knowing ourselves is the first step towards making right choices in life. If I am born to be a poet, why should I opt for becoming a banker? If I get attracted to intellectual people only, why should I ruin my life with a non-intellectual and domestic person? If I end up in a completely hopeless marriage, why not get out of it rather than being dishonest to my partner? If I dream to start my own business, why to stay with a job that doesn’t let me excel the way I want? Continue reading

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Masooma Sibtain: The Daring Entrepreneur


Masooma Sibtain_ the Business Owner, Trends-The Business Trainer for Pakistani Women

I could come out of the flash backs of my meeting with the owner of Trends Boutique in Multan, Masooma Sibtain, while she was holding an exhibition at Wexnet 2014. She has an amazing profile which is very inspirational for the Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs of today. She is among the pioneer business ladies in Multan, who not only explored, utilized and customized the local resources to build a business empire for her, but also worked towards women entrepreneurship as an ex-president, South Punjab women Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Currently, she is their spokesperson.

She has been contributing as a social worker as well through her activities at SOS Village.

Her short and crisp answers provide good insight about the Pakistani business women and their potentials. Her candidness and a supportive and insightful attitude towards women entrepreneurship adds to her Charisma. Continue reading

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How Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs May Afford Digital Marketing?


Wexnet 2014, Pakisatani Women Entrepreneurs

It was a great pleasure to meet Pakistani women entrepreneurs on WEXNET 2014 at Expo Center, Johar Town, Lahore. I interacted with almost all of them with one question, “Are you (your company/business) present online?”

Most of them replied, “Yes, we are on Facebook.”

 At the same time, some pointed towards their email address and said, “Yeah, we have an email address.”

Many were confusing Facebook with the email accounts.

It was disappointing, but encouraging as well. At least, our less educated women entrepreneurs were getting aware on the use of social media, no matter just because of their youngster children, who opened eyes in a computer age.

WHY ONLINE ADVERTISING? However, almost all of them were unfamiliar and unaware of the concept of digital marketing. Some of them had vague ideas about social media and a website. But none of them was aware on what is digital marketing. They have no idea how online advertising can help their businesses take off rapidly and let them fly higher? Continue reading

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Why Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Prefer Garments’ Businesses?


Wexnet 2014, Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

WEXNET 2014 has been a great opportunity to meet and understand Pakistan women entrepreneurs. Almost 90% business ladies deal into clothing of any kind. No matter what area they choose for merchandising, finally they do add clothes to it. Thus, even the stalls of beddings, jewelry, paintings and other items had a hanger for clothes display as well.

They can amaze anyone with the fineness of their work, skill and confidence. They are open, honest and easy to talk to. Continue reading

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WEXNET 2014: Suggestions for the NEXT TIME


Wexnet 2014, Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs

March 21-23. TDAP has empowered Lahore Expo Centre, Johar Town, by bringing together Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs on a business exhibition. It’s a full-fledged city consisted of 331 stalls displaying women business products. The amazing part is, women entrepreneurs has come from all five provinces of Pakistan, though it is not easy to carry their business items, setting out for a faraway journey to another province and affording the cost of living for three days! Still, with great expectations and a very welcoming attitude they took the challenge. Continue reading

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