Syed Ommer Amer- Founder of Daastan Literary Society, Revamping the Writing Industry in Pakistan.

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Ommer – Revamping the Writing Industry of Pakistan!

Your back ground and a brief biography?

I am the third generation in my family who is actively involved in improving education system of Pakistan. I first got my hands on a computer when I was in 6th Grade and I was introduced to the world of internet when I was about to step in university, till then I had only books to entertain myself; this explains how I got into literature. Continue reading

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Purple Cow: How can Current and Potential Entrepreneurs Think Remarkable?

purple-cow-presentation-by-kilian-drewel-3-728A Purple Cow caught my attention at Readings bookshop.  A ‘Must Read’ book wrapped in white and purple cover, written by Seth Godin, convinced and inspired me categorically just in an hour that traditional advertising is like brown cows that are invisible, and that’s how -it is out! He analyzed all the WHYs and HOWs with the reference of everyday company and consumer behaviors.

“The old rule was this:


Pg: 16)

Contrarily, in the modern world, the visible cow is only the Purple Cow. It’s a paradigm shift that has occurred in the contemporary advertising.  Continue reading

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A Gift of Hope: An Insightful Journey through the World of the Homeless along with Danielle Steel

images (1)The bestseller novelist, Danielle Steel, went through the loss of her son, Nick, which altered her life altogether. While mourning, one day she asked God for ‘something to hold on’ and her prayer was immediately answered:  “Help the homeless,” said God.

With a significant hesitation, it being against her nature, she finally decided to take the challenge: “Okay God, I get it, I hear you….Okay, I’ll do it.” She urged to serve the homeless with utter selflessness, devotion and quietness. “We represented no church, no religion, no agency, no shelter. We wanted nothing from them.”

Danielle started distributing but soon she realized that their needs were beyond some material goods. The best thing she could give them had been Hope. “…hope that something can change, that someone cares, that not only bad things happen unexpectedly but good things can happen to us too.” It was the motivation that kept Daniel stick to her mission, despite all the expected risks and insecurities on the way. Soon, she became aware on the matter further: “I had a strong sense that those who were in the most dire need, or the least functional, were not able to find their ways to dining rooms, churches or shelters. I wanted to go to them and find them where they were.” Continue reading

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Are You Interested In The Digital Reviews Of Your Books Or Being Interviewed?


Book Reviews & Interviews

I recall my freshman year at college when a postgraduate student, who was a graphologist, told me that I wanted novelty in life. I couldn’t understand it then, but later I came to know that all the reformers who are interested  in bringing any kind of social, intellectual, or economic change in society are always non-conformist and novelty lovers. Today, I find Pakistani youth on the same track. A brilliant lot of entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing their dreams!

I would like to promote you if you belong to this community of Change-Agents, no matter if you are an author and want your books to be reviewed online, you are an entrepreneur and like to be interviewed for the promotion of yourself and your grand ideas or business, you are a leader and taking the society to a new direction, or you are part of a Pakistani think tank and look for opportunities to convey your thoughts to a larger audience, you should contact Me! I am the right choice for every reason.

Look forward to see you soon! :)

Best Wishes…

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